Remote Staters

​We sell the TOP brand in the industry for Alarms and Remote Starts. Directed Electronics has been the leader for over a decade, bringing you the latest state of the art technologies and support.


Model 411 or 413



installed WITH parts

  • ​1200 foot range
  • ​Bypass included
  • ​One remote
  • ​Keyless entry ($15 extra)
  • ​Trunk release ($10 extra)
  • ​Smart Start Compatible (as low as $199 installed)
​2 WAy Model

​Model 4806 or 4205



installed WITH parts

  • ​1 mile range
  • ​Bypass included
  • ​1 confirming & 1 basic remote
  • ​Keyless entry
  • ​Smart Start Compatible (as low as $199 installed)
  • Additional features extra

Smart Start is a mobile app for your phone using data to transmit the signal. it can be stand alone or added to your favorite remote start or alarm/remote start for as low as $199.99 installed plus yearly service fee. Call for more details.